There is a lot in the news this time of year about anxiety and suicide. Depression and hopelessness, etc.

It’s a real thing! It’s painful to go through, and there is such a short list of “repairs” or fixes, that it can seem daunting.

Waking up in the wee hours of the morning, and your brain yells out…”Let’s look for some negative things that we can worry about! And lets consciously mark them and acknowledge them as real and present danger. While we are at it, lets not try and change our thoughts, but lets “power through” it until it gets better!”

I can tell you it works exactly like this, and the solution must be out there somewhere.

It can be so much like living in a bubble, that won’t break. We want out of the confines of that bubble, but it won’t let us out.

We can see everyone, but we really can’t touch them, and they can’t touch us, because of the bubble shield.

So what do we do?

Some have chosen to get the knives out, or the guns, and cut or shoot themselves out. That is the suicide route. Doesn’t  end well. We aren’t emotionally strong enough to live outside of that bubble, if we make that grand escape, so our mind tells us.

The only way out is to slowly, erode the bubble from our own learned and changed thoughts.

By consciously understanding,  by learning and researching methods, we can erode and wear big holes or thin spots in that bubble. The hole that we wear in the bubble however, needs to be big enough for us to walk through. And, we can’t leave until it is. If we force our way out, we find that we are unprepared to cope. If we cut or shoot our way out, we lose out existence.

The bubble does however. let in knowledge. It is piped in every minute of every day. We need to be able to listen, capture, and learn the method to interpret the knowledge. That is the path and the only possible answer, as I see it today.

The first step is to stay awake, and keep focused.

The second step is to create some effective effort towards understanding what you are working with, and what needs to be learnt. Notice I didn’t say “done.”

The third step is to be active and focused.

The fourth step is to walk through the hole in that bubble when it gets big enough to walk through.