Isn’t that the key today of existence? Trying to live in a world of ” we’re OK,” instead of “what’s going to happen next?”

If we could just live in our world, instead of someone else’s, that could be an improvement. But we don’t, we try to skate on all sides, and please anyone and everyone, and mostly those that we really don’t even care about.

Yeah, it’s our career, its our income, its how we pay for things, but what good is anything, if we struggle to find peace and contentment?

We all seem to be doing the same similar dance. We get up in the morning, shower, dress, and go off to our worlds of identity. That’s really who we are, isn’t it. Sure, many will say, “I live for God, and he directs my happiness, etc, etc. And it that gets you up every day, to face the world without considering driving over a cliff, good for you.

I guess we all need someone, or something to lean on, huh?

To me the world isn’t that simple. It’s a complex, dark caldron of situations just waiting to spring themselves at you. Some are good, and some are a bit treacherous. Some could bring joy, while most will probably just fuck something up, including me.

However, through all of this, there is that spark deep in my core that tells me that the world is a better place than we currently see it as. I have to believe this tiny spark, because without that tiny spark, it’s total darkness.  I realize that this all sounds so negative, and sad. In reality, it is negative, and sad. And it’s my negative and sad.