Why do people say that we need to “keep up the fight?” Life shouldn’t be about fighting, should it? 

Many Managers keep saying that ‘we need to keep fighting,” really? How about looking and exploring alternative methods, instead of harshness, and force. 

I get it, it’s a tough world out there, and people are constantly trying to get ahead of everyone else. A simple trip down the freeway with tell you that. Just keep passing and passing, and risking our lives….

I just don’t want to fight! I want to love, and enjoy this experience. But that is tough. 

It’s about maneuvering, and placing ourselves in better and more caring and helping environments.

I say all of this, but yet I am a big “offender” of the previous text. 

When things could be nice, I look at them as “what’s wrong?” 

When someone is nice to me, I wonder why. 

I’m working on the solution. 

I’ll keep you posted.